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Home of the World-wide Renowned International Martial Arts
12 times Hall of Famer for Hwarang 
2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013
3 X Grand Master of the Year -
2012 - 2013
Inducted(Grand Master 'Hud') who was the first master to introduce the true system of Hwarang to America in 1970  the ONLY Master and the LAST to come from South Korea.
Do You Want your kids to learn to sing, dance and win a cheap old trophy in a water-down martial arts school where it will COST you BIG MONEY and a contract that you cannot get out of and for NOTHING but Hollywood Water-down martial arts!!!
The Hwarang IS NOT SPORT
TAE KWON DO or any other TAE KWON DO!!!!!!! This is REAL Martial Arts of pure Hwarang!!
Do you truely love your children and want the best for them in life and real martial arts.  You have come to the right Martial Arts school.
Then send them to the World Renowned Grand Master Hud, who is the only grand master in Washington state who was inducted into the World Hall of Fame in New York - 2010 for teachings kids around the world  the best martial arts program in the world!!!!! He has a true passion for inspiring and empowering the youths of today become future leaders of our country.  Grand Master Hud believes that giving back to the public through his teachings is important way to build a better future for society and the world as a whole.
Better Yet in a professional school under a REAL Hall of Fame Grand Master like Grand Master Hud!!!!!
Do You Want yourself or your kids to learn how survive a violent attack at school, home and on the mean streets of society with True Reality martial arts that DOES NOT cost you allot of your hard earned money!!!.
Then you have picked the right martial arts school to come as a member of Grand Master Hud (12 Times Hall of Famer) 3 Times Grand Master of the Year - Hall of Famer. Founder & Pioneer of the Hwa Rang Mul Sul system and only first master from South Korea who brought and introduce Hwarang into America in 1970, 9th Dan Black belt where he teaches the real deal of pure reality martial arts to adults, teens and young kids to survive in reality offensive survival tactics not to win some cheap old trophy (anyone can win a cheap trophy and medal) but can they survive a violent attack at any age!!!.
That is what Grand Master Hud teaches to all ages reality survival offensive martial arts that are PROVEN TACTICS for survival!!!.
Grand Master Hud is Washington State's ONLY 12 times "Hall of Famer" in the martial arts with 45 years of experience and  TRUE knowledge of REAL reality martial arts!!!. Grand Master Hud received the Grand Master of the Year Award 2012 - 2013(3 times) in the Black Belt Hall of Fame for his teachings. He does all the teachings in the school!!!!.
We do NOT discriminate between men, and women in the training of Hwa Rang Mul Sul®, we treat men, and women as equals at all time, they receive the same equal training at a high level of standards. We have one ranking system with our belts for both men, and women combined.
  • We train our members not by age but the skill and talent of each individual with the rank they hold. The training is not watered down due to age. Adults, teens, and kids are trained equal with the same program of Hwarang. We Do Not look at age.
You want to survive a violent attack in your home, on the street, and even in then you have come to the right martial arts organization. We will teach you how to survive with extreme tactical offensive techniques with no rules, no mercy for extreme violent attacks where ever you are in society with a pure offensive martial arts system of Hwa Rang Mul Sul® at The Korean Hwarang Martial Arts Federation® under the President & Founder of Hwa Rang Mul Sul system, Grand Master Hud, (12 times Hall of Famer)  3 times Grand Master of the Year Award (Hall of Fame 2012 - 2013). Grand Master Hud also owns and operates BodyGuard Elite® firm and has been a professional bodyguard since 1984, and a former deputy sheriff.  President/Founder/Director of the United States National Grand Masters Federation
The Korean Hwarang Martial Arts Federation® has one of the ultimate and most professional martial arts program in the World for kids, teens and adults with pure martial arts of old tradition of reality in education, , discipline, survival tactics of pure reality martial arts and sports.  The Korean Hwarang Martial Arts Federation is built on high military standards of discipline, honor and respect that goes back over 4,000 years of history within the Hwarang system that Grand Master Hud teaches and he keeps those tradition alive within his teachings as a grand master of the Hwa Rang Mul Sul system that he founded in 1970.  Also teaches all aspects of sports from baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, football to name a few, and true reality martial arts to his members at all ages. 
This is the ultimate and the best of the best of all of martial arts ever taught across this country and around the World by professional Grand Master Hud, and Masters under him of the Hwa Rang Mul Sul system at The Korean Hwarang Martial Arts Federation® for 43 years.
Grand Master Hud is a pioneer and founder in developing the art of Hwa Rang Mul Sul® into a very effective offensive martial arts system for pure survival of old martial arts technique and combining modern tactics of combat fighting with hand and foot plus a great variety of weapons into a fighting system that has been proven in many of real violent situations for civilians, law enforcement, and military around the world with no rules, no mercy, with extreme pain , and techniques which Grand Master Hud calls this system that he pioneered and founded of Offensive Fighting in the Box, Staying in the Box©® of your opponent without backing down no matter what. Developing techniques fighting in the box called, "Inner Circle Movements & Fighting".
We hope you can find everything you need as a martial artist with us. Grand Master 'Hud' is an old traditional grand master, and teaches the old school way of the traditional martial arts passed onto him by his master in Korea. This is not a watered down Western school or martial arts. We teach true reality offensive fighting martial arts, and weapons of the old to be able to survive by all means, the ultimate reality based Korean martial arts in the World.
Hwarang Warrior Knight of the Old Kingdom of Shilla Dynasty (576 C.E.)
With the old traditional teachings of Hwa Rang Mul Sul®(Flowering Knights Martial Arts), we offer the pure old Korean (Knights of the Night) system of martial arts(Han Kuk Sul-sa Pang-bop Ro Toen Kun-ui Chon-t'u Mu Sul) over 4,000 years old called (Knights of the Night). With the Chinese deadly night fighters of Moshuh Nanren influence of the old in Kwan Yul Sool (hard/soft techniques), Han Kuk Mul Ki Do (Korean weapons), and the old art of Han-kuk Gumdo (Way of the Korean Sword), Su Chum Do Bup (pressure point manipulation, throws, and take-downs), the art of Seon(Zen) meditation(Mu Kyum), advance art of Seon Advance Forced Yoga Exercise (Un-dong) for the mind(Saeng-gak), body(Yuk-ch'e), and spirit(Chong-sin), the practice of Korean art of Chi(Ki). 
Learn the great art of advance Korean kicking(Han-kuk Pal-ro Ch'a-gi). Hwa Rang Mul Sul® is the ultimate art of fighting of the ancient Hwarang Warriors Knights of Old Korea. The Art, and theory of Hand-to-Hand Fighting. We do offer many other aspects in advance training of Hwa Rang Mu Sul® of the old, and the "Way of the White Tigers"(Pang-bop Ro-toen Ku Huin Ho-rang-i).
Look around our website, and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact Grand Master Hud.
For more information on how we can help you achieve the results you are looking for in your life.
Phone number: 425-508-7235
We hope to see you again!
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our website. There's much more to come!

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